Your Investment Policy Statement is Important to Us

Investment Policy Statement (IPS) template

The template Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is crafted by a team of ERISA attorneys and investment professionals. Throughout the years, our organization receives myriad versions of the template IPS as edited by a vast number of clients’ in-house counsel as well as ERISA counsel. The ERISA team takes the best of the ideas and incorporates them into a revised IPS template. In essence the template IPS is the product of hundreds of ERISA attorneys whose input is all taken into consideration.

In regard to the language of the template IPS, it is drafted to be neither too constrictive nor overly vague. An overly vague IPS leaves the reader with no understanding as to what process fiduciaries follow. In that scenario, the IPS does not help protect the fiduciary by creating evidence of a roadmap of a prudent process. Conversely, an overly constrictive IPS can cause an unwary fiduciary to accidentally run afoul of its terms. The template IPS is crafted to avoid using words like “must” throughout its provisions to avoid such a scenario. If you have specific questions regarding verbiage, our ERISA team is happy to address them. Forward your inquiries to your financial professional.

ACR# 3493422 03/21