Why RPAG is the GOAT

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Jesse Taylor dove into why RPAG is the GOAT and why we are best suited for your needs, he led with the statement that it’s not us alone that makes us great, it’s the teamwork and communication that we have with you and our team that makes us one of a kind. Everything that you need, we want to put under one roof. Watch the full sessions below 

  • Presenter:
    • Jesse Taylor, VP, Business Development

You’re the driver, we are the technology, and your peers are your team. We learn from each other, and if we don’t learn from each other’s successes and failures in how we utilize technology, we will not grow as an industry.

Why are you a part of RPAG? (why should you be if you aren't) RPAG has all the tools you need to succeed under one robust advisor portal. With efficient data deeds and the ability to create time-saving workflows, you can focus on growing your practice.

RPAG is serious about your growth, which is why we offer unique differentiators such as WellCents, Exclusive CITs, flexPATH TDFs and marketing resources along with back-office including support onboarding, customer success team, ongoing training and support ERISA & Investment team, and Conferences & events.

How do we stay on top of evolution for RPAG? We take member feedback, team ideas, industry best practices, and new regulations and give them to the leadership committee that votes weekly to push out new updates for our members, which includes major launches as well as infrastructure changes.

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