Tech Enhancements - TPA Data Entry

Man copying TPAs

RPAG’s Provider Analysis (our live bid recordkeeper RFP system) is now more streamlined than ever with a new TPA data entry feature! Advisors now have the ability to copy TPA pricing information across multiple bidding recordkeepers.

When gathering unbundled quotes during the RFP process, it can be time consuming to send out multiple requests to the same TPA contacts, or even enter that data yourself. Now, you’ll have the ability to duplicate a submission across recordkeepers!

Check out this video for a quick tutorial on how to start using this time saving feature.


How it works

Add an unbundled bidder or access an existing bid by clicking the envelope icon circled below.

Copy TPA Step One-1

Click the dropdown menu for "who will complete the TPA Proposal Request?" and select "Copy TPA", next you will prompted to select which TPA you will like to copy.

Copy TPA Step Two

Lastly, you'll need to click the "Copy TPA" to finalize.

Copy TPA Step 3


If you have any questions or want to learn more about these technical enhancements, please contact for a demo.