Tech Enhancements - December 16, 2021

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RPAG wants to make sure you have the necessary tools and capabilities for your business. Our team is dedicated in helping you succeed. That's why we are here to ensure you are promptly notified with the latest updates, added features, tech enhancements, and much more. Below, you will find detailed notes that describe what has been changed or updated.


My Documents/Fiduciary Briefcase

  • Fiduciary Briefcase subscribers now have the option to turn off notifications emails
    • This new service is defaulted to “off” but can be turned on the company admin page
    • Once turned on, active fiduciary briefcase users will receive a notification email when documents are uploaded

  • Fiduciary Briefcase portal has been enhanced
    • Company logo moved to be in the center of the banner
    • Customizable welcome banner
    • Advisor contact information visible
    • Customizable colors functionality has been added through the Company Admin page
      • Bottom border color
      • Plan details cards
      • Top border color
      • Fiduciary documents
  • “My Documents” link renamed to “Briefcase”
Meeting Minutes

  • Data inputted is now able to be saved on the backend and lost data can now be retrieved if necessary
  • “Legislative Update” category added to Meeting Minutes
Provider Questionnaire
  • Enhanced character limits in certain areas of the Data Security section of the questionnaire.

  • Returns Analysis header carries over to new section during page breaks
  • Service Plan templates output order reflects properly


If you have any questions or want to learn more about these technical enhancements, please contact for a demo.