Save Early, Reach Your Goal

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Contributing to your employer’s retirement plan as soon as you’re eligible is crucial to meeting your retirement goals. The earlier you start saving, the more time compounding interest has to work on your behalf. Putting off contributions today means increased contributions to reach the same goals tomorrow

For example:

Shane, Maria and Nadia are each beginning their retirement savings journey today and each wish to accumulate $300,000. How much do they need to contribute to meet their goal?
Shane is 25 years old.
Maria is 35 years old.
Nadia is 45 years old.
Shane needs to save $93/month*.
Maria needs to save $210/month*.
Nadia needs to save $520/month*.

*Assumes an average rate of return of 8%. These examples are hypothetical in nature, do not represent any specific investment, and do not account for any fees or expenses associated with an actual investment.

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