RPAG Can Now Integrate With Your CRM Software!

Bridge Representing the Connections From RPAG and CRM System

RPAG realizes that financial professionals' CRM systems represent their lifeblood, which is why RPAG has introduced new CRM integrations that have just made the industry’s leading retirement plan practice management platform even more efficient and streamlined.

Time saved in any area of an advisor’s scope of services translates to hours that can be invested in providing higher-touch service or growing their book of business. By utilizing application programming interface (API) technology, RPAG data points will now become portable, meaning they can be directly transferred to your chosen CRM. Having client and retirement plan information such as plan type and total assets easily accessible within your chosen CRM system can help you provide better and faster service. 

Setup Instructions 

This is a technical integration that will rely on the involvement of your company's technology team. This page lists and explains the APIs and data available for external users to export and consume from RPAG PMP Application. Click here to download a technical document to share with your technology team to begin this process.


Looking for more information?

Contact the RPAG Support Team, support@rpag.com, to learn more about RPAG and get help with our Platform, or anything else!

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