National Retirement Security Week

People celebrating national retirement security week

National Retirement Security Week (NRSW) is a week in October, recognized by Congress to help raise awareness of the importance of taking personal responsibility for saving for retirement.  Plan sponsors can take advantage of many tools to create a focused campaign emphasizing the benefits of saving for retirement by investing in an employer-sponsored plan.  Whether a plan sponsor wants to increase participation, attract certain demographic groups to the plan, or educate against common investing pitfalls, NRSW is a dedicated time to focus on improving employee retirement outcomes.  NRSW is traditionally held the third week of October, so it’s time to start planning!

Your Whole Story

To help spur ideas, NAGDCA created Your Whole Story, an age-based campaign designed to appeal to employees at different stages of the retirement journey. Use this link to learn more about Your Whole Story and how you can use this powerful tool to create customized participant engagement communications.

Please contact your advisor for assistance in developing your NRSW campaign.

ACR#315080 04/19