Vince Giovinazzo on the Attributes of Success

Vince Giovinazzo on the attributes of success
Vince Giovinazzo kicked off the 2022 RPAG National Conference with a stellar keynote address. Vince reviewed the past year and talked about the attributes of success. He boiled these attributes down to the basics. Watch below:

  • Presenter:
    • Vince Giovinazzo, CEO

The foundation of success is "why" find out what inspires and drives you. What is your cause as it relates to your business? The most successful firms have a why. It doesn’t just drive you, it's inspiring and will drive the people around you: your clients, your coworkers, etc. 

When you examine the "What", "How", and Why of RPAG: 
    • What: We sell technology services to advisors.
    • How: You, our members, utilize our practice management platform to build scale and efficiency.
    • WHY: We inspire our team members and member advisory firms to reach their highest potential. Integrity and transparency drive our actions and behavior. We help you create successful outcomes for your plan sponsors, clients, and participants.

Your why becomes your foundation for what you do and is your mission statement. After you find your why, find the right people: Do the people you surround yourself with want you to be successful?

Are you looking for more insight into the attributes of success? Download the presentation here.


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