Hey Joel! - Do we need to adopt a loan policy?

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Do we need to adopt a loan policy?

-       Confused in Connecticut

Dear Confused,

It is a plan/legal determination as to whether a separate loan policy is required. However, the following loan provisions should be documented:

  1. The identity of the person authorized to administer the participant program;
  2. The procedure for applying for loans;
  3. The standards for approving or denying loans;
  4. Any limitations on loan types or loan amounts;
  5. The procedures used to determine a reasonable rate of interest;
  6. The types of collateral that can be used to secure participant loans; and
  7. The events constituting default and the steps necessary to preserve plan assets in the event of default.

This information may be contained either in the plan document itself or in a written document (such as a loan policy) forming part of the plan. [DOL Reg. § 2550.408b-1(d)]

Loan procedures are located at the end of the Summary Plan Description (SPD) and incorporated into the Basic Plan Document (BPD) by reference.

Always happy to lend a helping hand!

Joel Shapiro, JD, LLM

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