Client Advocacy Report

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In our continuing effort to find new ways to provide value-added services for our RPAG members and their clients, we have released an automated, customizable, and personalized Client Advocacy Report on our RPAG portal. Its purpose is to document the benefits of the advisor’s consulting services toward plan success and fiduciary protection.


This document is useful as an annual statement of services delivered but can also be valuable for introduction to new committee members, competitive situations, and/or to evidence proper fiduciary plan management. In time, you will have years of your services and client advocacy documented and ready to provide at a moment’s notice. As with most of the RPAG client deliverables, this document can be used both defensively (client retention) and offensively (sales situation). Both of these can be used to evidence your value to plans and their fiduciaries.

How it works

To create this document, log onto the RPAG advisor portal and select the client you would like to run the report for. On the client details page, select the + symbol next to “Client Advocacy Report” to start creating your report. This found in the meeting minutes section, where you can create automated meeting minutes, meeting agendas, and provider fund change notices. Highlighted below

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On this page you can select a template to create a client advocacy report. From there you can edit the text that appears in the below sections to customize the language that will be used in the document. This document should include investment diligence services, fee analysis, fiduciary governance, and other importance consultant that you provide to you client.

Client Advocacy Report - Report Generation-1


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